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Bear and bull stock market illustration

More investors feeling bearish about a possible stock market correction

Risks faced by retired clients

A new risk reading aims to represent how investor risk appetites are trending

Transition to shorter T+2 settlement now underway

Investors are also more confident in stocks and home ownership while less confident in investment properties, cash and fixed-income

Echelon, BLG team up to create “capital pool company”

The firm’s semi-annual investor sentiment index finds that Canadians’ enthusiasm toward investing in their own homes has been declining since the spring of 2014

VC investments in Canada experience great growth in 2016

Despite increased optimism in stocks, fixed-income securities and ETFs, which have rebounded along with the price of oil, Canadians are still cautious about investing

The Manulife Investor Sentiment Index is at its lowest since financial crisis

Although 53% of Canadians believe current market volatility will persist in 2016, 48% still expect the value of their portfolios to increase

Manulife’s semi-annual investor sentiment survey finds that Canadians are generally concerned about the price of oil and, for many, it’s having an impact on their investment planning

SentiQuant tracks more than 7,500 securities on social media and determines the amount of positive or negative momentum

Franklin Templeton survey suggests Canadian investors expect to reach their financial goals, but are pessimistic about Canada’s stock market