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Inflation balloon

Unlikely that Fed will see enough support for a June cut, Moody's says

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Robust investment banking revenues to drive improved earnings

Frankfurt, Germany - November 09, 2020: European Central Bank ECB, EZB headquarters at Eastend Frankfurt, Germany. The European Central Bank (ECB) is the central bank of the Eurozone. Close-up of the logo in front of the building.

Many central banks are tilting toward undoing some of the sharp hikes to interest rates

Governor Tiff Macklem and senior deputy governor Carolyn Rogers

Central bank expects interest rates to land at a higher level — an important consideration for clients with debt

Tiff Macklem

Data this year have increased central bank’s confidence that inflation will continue to slow

Merger activity subdued, but the benefits of scale only continue to grow

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Affordability, cost of living still weighing on buyers, even as rate cuts appear imminent

crunching numbers

Insolvency firm says Canadians are growing more optimistic as prospect of interest rate cut rises


Firm failed to adequately oversee rep's risky trading strategy, CIRO says


Credit conditions expected to improve, but risks abound, S&P says