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Graphic of U.S. currency

High rates, cautious consumers driving insolvency trends

Computer keys

Software glitches the most common causes of trading failures, regulators find

Merger activity subdued, but the benefits of scale only continue to grow

Study of firms' plans for advanced tech will inform regulation and oversight

Quantum computer

SRO examines potential implications of a computing revolution

digital investing

Risks include increased inequality, social disruption


Proposal would allow enforcement money to be used for IT projects and new innovation office

Technology security concept. Modern safety digital background. Protection system

InvestorCOM, a vendor of Mackenzie Investments, had data exposed when hackers targeted a secure file transfer service

Open banking has the potential to automate onboarding, allow for fee comparison and improve risk assessments

Business team navigating towards a mobile phone

Lifecos' main digitization priorities are in sales, underwriting and on high-volume health claims