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According to a Dalbar report, the average equity fund investor returned 18.39% compared to 28.71% returned by the S&P 500

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NEI Investments announces divestment, while more indexes remove Russian listings


ETF expert Daniel Straus likens the delisting to "what would happen to your holdings in a single company if it suddenly went bankrupt"

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A B.C. court ruled that CIBC and HSBC can see reports filed in a TD case

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The breakpoint between large and small caps reached a record, and style took a cyclical tilt

Bonds and equities continued to offset each other during recent market volatility

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The SEC alleged an undisclosed control feature led to stale index reporting

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The lines have blurred between what constitutes an index and what is simply another active investment strategy

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TSX sets a date for the launch of its new "market-on-close" trading model

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The addition comes as the firm seeks a tie-up with RF Capital