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Help your clients with their income splitting strategies

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At STEP Canada’s annual roundtable, the agency also warned about anti-avoidance rules

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Take advantage of income-splitting opportunities

Although the new "tax on split income" rules target adult children and spouses of business owners, there are exceptions that permit income splitting under certain circumstances

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The changes proposed in Quebec's budget will only be adopted after the draft federal income splitting rules are ratified

The Liberals' recent proposed tax changes for private corporations are part of a larger effort by the feds to eliminate opportunities for wealthier Canadians to split income and reduce taxes. The question is, does that make for good tax policy?

Canadian governments have implemented several measures that allow seniors to split income to lower taxes. But the rules are strict

The proposed replacement for the universal child-care benefit is aimed at putting more money into the pockets of lower-income families.

Families adversely affected by existing rules will be automatically re-assessed

There are several income-splitting strategies that can save your clients significantly more money than the new family tax cut