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Metal handcuffs placed over the word fraud

Toronto police bust alleged synthetic identity ring

cybersecurity of network of connected devices and personal data security, concept on virtual interface with consultant in background

Fraudsters take advantage of economic vulnerabilities, credit reporting agency says

right or wrong choice

Changes come in the wake of independent review of SRO's arbitration program

gavel with $100-bill background

SRO panel found the rep opened banking products, including a line of credit, in the client's name

hacker programing in technology enviroment with cyber icons and symbols

If high rates persist, fraudulent activity could accelerate

Robber captured

Clients' assets misappropriated rather than invested, U.S. authorities charged

senior man giving credit card details on the phone

StatsCan finds fraud to be widespread, rarely reported to police

Technology security concept. Modern safety digital background. Protection system

Weaknesses in firms' practices uncovered in compliance exams


Firms didn't have adequate programs for spotting red flags

Block letters spelling fraud, with magnifying glass

SRO says account intruders, identity thieves turning to options market