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Steps should be taken to protect confidential financial information from ending up in the wrong hands

Having your identity stolen can be a painful and time-consuming experience. Just ask Yvonne Jodhan, marketing and communications consultant with Alternative Asset Research Inc. in Toronto, and a victim of identity theft herself. Resolving the complicated issues relating to Jodhan’s stolen identity took almost three years, she says. Identity theft, the deceptive use of the […]

Firms increasingly adopting electronic data feeds to track insurance policies

Panel suggests new methods for fighting money laundering and identity theft

Fraud lab discovered in Toronto

Victims of identify theft and fraud by former bank employee are seeking damages

Lauri Love allegedly hacked into the central bank’s systems and disseminated confidential information

Famtel working for RBC, but the company is not selling insurance

Sentel Insurance is not licensed to do business in Ontario

Financial firms required to detect red flags and prevent identity theft in client accounts

Secure your business against cybercrime

Larry Keating, president and CEO of No Panic Computing, talks about the rise of cybercrime in a world of connected devices. Keating outlines safe computing best practices that advisors need to know, from regulatory requirements to encryption of data. He spoke with Paula Virany, Investment Executive mulitmedia editor and video producer, at the IFB Fall Summit in Toronto.