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female homebuyer shakes hand with real estate agent in office

Forecast decline nearly 12% in Toronto area, Halifax expected to gain 8%

House placed on coins Men's hand is planning savings money of coins to buy a home concept concept for property ladder, mortgage and real estate investment. for saving or investment for a house,

Despite the recent slowdown, prices are higher than pre-pandemic levels

Wood homes under construction

Rate dropped 11% to 267,055 units, from 298,811 in September

House bubble boom presentation on chalkboard. Concept photo of Real estate market bubble , booming, money,price, rent, grid, home, house, housing, industry and subprime mortgage crisis. (Copy Space)

The national average home price in October was down almost 10% from a year ago

The 12-month holding period would reset after the taxpayer took ownership of property

U.S. Customs and Border Protection international checkpoint between Canada and the United States of America

Ottawa's new targets may help solve labour market issues, but exacerbate housing challenges

Photo of a "for rent" sign outside of a house

Clients should tread carefully if they change the intended use of a building or residence

Modern apartment buildings in a green residential area in the city

The federal government is already enacting a two-year ban on foreign investors by Jan. 1

Architecture of the colorful houses on the steep streets of St John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Tax proposals such as the FHSA unlikely to address affordability issues, experts say

Multi-unit urban starts up 16%, single-detached urban stays flat