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Some funds have broadened their mandates as yields take a hit

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Yields on the popular products could drop after OSFI's new requirements take effect in 2024

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ETFs can boost an FHSA strategy by offering diversification and downside protection

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History suggests ETF trends are often momentary phenomena tied to unique market conditions

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Mutual fund redemptions climbed while ETF sales slowed, IFIC reported

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New money market products were rewarded, according National Bank's monthly report

OSFI is requiring an interim transition for liquidity measurement by Aug. 1 as the regulator consults on wholesale funding categories

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ETFs built on high-interest savings accounts make sense to investors who need a place to park cash until they’re ready to invest again

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Clients who need liquidity also need a safe place for their dollars

The new account comes ahead of expanded CDIC deposit insurance coverage

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