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illustration of clock with market data

Researchers used message data to calculate the cost of latency arbitrage

Female tax inspector looking at corporate financial documents with magnifying glass

The central bank referred the case to the Financial Conduct Authority

Stock market background design

The CFTC is looking to nullify high-frequency traders' advantage

Stock exchange board with abstract background

A new report calls on firms to ensure they are properly managing risks and highlights areas of good and bad practice

The technological arms race among high-frequency traders has raised costs and curbed profits in the industry

Over longer time periods, researchers did find patterns that are consistent with HFTs anticipating the order flow of non-HFTs

The study did not reveal any concerns that warranted a regulatory response beyond measures already implemented by IIROC

ASIC publishes results of new reviews

Academics have little in the way of policy advice for regulators

Claims of increased price volatility and short selling activity not supported by evidence