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Wrestling inflation

Food and energy prices eased, but core inflation remained stubbornly high

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Emerging markets begin to cut rates as developed markets stuck in hike mode

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Energy price increases drove raw materials, industrial prices up

Oil well with the pump jack in action. Alberta

Energy, agricultural prices surge amid soft landing potential, BMO says

Europe flag and money

Core inflation is now higher than the headline rate

Wrestling inflation

Core inflation recedes alongside falling energy prices

Europe flag and money

Core inflation calls revised higher, amid growth, wage pressures

men holding on to balloons as they float away into the air

Declining energy and food prices drive sharp drop in consumer prices in May


Food prices have risen 18% over two years and prices will stay elevated due to shrinking herd sizes, wage growth and other factors

UK inflation image

Inflation falls to 8.7% largely because last year's energy spike has dropped out of the annual comparison

  • By: Pan Pylas
  • May 24, 2023 June 6, 2023
  • 14:03