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Company expands its current offering by including five new fixed-income asset classes

Financial accounting business sheet calculator

Shorter duration bond universe is drawing more interest from investors

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Set realistic client expectations and consider adding high-yield bonds to fixed-income portfolios, Leith Wheeler executives advise

The FIAC makes recommendations to IIROC staff about proposed initiatives relating to fixed income trading

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Investors expect to increase their allocations to core fixed-income portfolios

With interest rates beginning to inch higher after ultra-low levels over the past several years, generating decent returns from a fixed-income portfolio remains a challenge

RBC holds off Canadian fixed income rivals

All the leading Canadian fixed-income dealers have upped their game over the past 12 months

Canadian VC funding activity surges in 2016

Bonds have shown to be the best non-correlated assets and offer better potential offset to stock market losses than other asset classes

Some top advisors explain how they are navigating the difficult, sometimes delicate task of persuading older clients to reduce expectations while finding low-risk ways to boost income

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