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Economists had expected a surplus of $500 million

U.S. proposed tax changes lead to interest in cross-border migration

The proposed tax measure would hurt current account balances and GDP growth for major exporters to the U.S.

However, export volumes continue to track year-on-year declines

  • By: Craig Wong
  • December 6, 2016 December 6, 2016
  • 11:00

The credit-rating agency expects to see a recovery in investment to drive 1.9% real gross domestic product growth for Canada in 2017

Canada continues to face stiff competition from other countries

Increased traded integration can make an economy less sensitive to exchange-rate movements and make domestic inflation more dependent on international factors

For Canada, the TPP is most important, followed by potential trade deals with China, the Pacific Alliance, India and ASEAN nations, C.D. Howe report finds

China accounts for 5% of Canada’s total exports

Canadian service exports have risen faster than goods exports over the past decade

Specifics of the agreement are under wraps and ratification is a long way off, but the banks and insurers are optimistic