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Corporate Business Team clapping success at Boardroom meeting

Shareholder advocacy group promotes fair pay for all employees

Businessman takes bag of money from another businessman.

New SHARE report reveals that median pay for top executives has grown at a rate that outpaces the modest increases for the average worker

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Royal Bank of Canada’s Dave McKay was paid the most among his peers with $12.43 million in total direct compensation

Winning academic research papers show that that the structure of CEO compensation effects decisionmaking

Shareholders are increasingly pushing back on excessive executive compensation

Draft guidance aims to help firms use clawbacks and other tools to deter misconduct in the financial industry

Former MDC Partners CEO Miles Nadal agrees to pay US$5.5 million to settle charges

The compensation packages of Canada’s bank CEOs are heading higher than previously targeted thanks, in part, to growing stock options and equity incentives

Industry applauds Sousa’s regulatory proposals

Maureen Jensen, OSC chairwoman and CEO, heads the list with $642,782 in annual pay

The findings suggest that the labor market for CEO pay remains robust