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Eurotower in Frankfurt am Main before sundown

Rate cuts aren't around the corner, the European Central Bank suggested

Stick figures

Unemployment has since increased in Canada, but declined in the U.S.

Wealthsimple introduces Portfolio Review service

Foreign exchange gains offset by equity, bond market weakness

European Union headquarters

With the weakening economic outlook, the European Central Bank is expected to hold rates in December

Business chart with glowing arrows and world map

Merchandise trade down, services activity flat from previous quarter

Global growth

Strong U.S. economy single-handedly drives G7 results

European Union headquarters

Big project needed to galvanize creation of single capital market

Using a cell phone for finance

Slowing forecasts diverge as the growing pain of higher rates plays out


Short-term expectations increase, long-term view unchanged

Wrestling inflation

Slowdown in September followed two months of faster price rises