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As countries rethink their energy policies, nuclear energy is back in the conversation

Oil well with the pump jack in action. Alberta

Investing in the commodity is a "generational opportunity," even amid ESG trends, the manager said

Clean-energy firms are beginning to find profitability amid a global push toward net zero

oil pump

Weaker demand expected to curb record profits

Oil pump jacks at sunset sky background.

Global demand and sky-high commodity prices fuel strong performance

Mining equipment: Bucketwheel reclaimer stock photo

Canada outperforms U.S. as recent market trends reverse, Morningstar says

Although highly divisive among investors, nuclear represents an important transition fuel

Oil well with the pump jack in action. Alberta

Elevated commodity prices to boost earnings, balance sheets in 2022

A truck transports a component of a wind turbine in Germany.

Responsible investing can mean avoiding fossil fuels, or it can mean investing in and engaging with energy companies

Closeup of woman hand holding a fuel pump at a station.

In many cases, supply issues are only partly related to the Ukraine conflict