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U.S. dollar

Global preeminence of the U.S. dollar facing multiple challengers

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Inflation, climate change, geopolitics will make food security a persistent challenge

Aerial view of Shanghai skyline. Top view of deep water port with cargo ship and containers in Shanghai.

Post-pandemic demand surge to give global GDP an assist too, Goldman Sachs says

Image of Europe highlighted on globe

Volatility and uncertainty drove a rise in banks' cross-border claims


Latest leading indicators continue to signal slowing momentum in most markets

Money in hands with leaf growing

Global issuance stunted by market headwinds, but EM issuers thrive: Moody's ESG

economic growth gdp growth domestic product money stack chart

Shift to crypto could boost financial inclusion, but may weaken monetary policy efficacy

oil pump

Large increase in sustainable investment needed for developed markets to meet climate goals

foreign country with stock market data

The asset manager updated its previous position on Monday

stock market down

NEI Investments announces divestment, while more indexes remove Russian listings