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Canada’s manufacturing sector gained 1.8%, the largest monthly increase since February 2014

Higher sales at gasoline stations and electronics and appliance stores

Businessman hand showing financial report on table

The food, beverage and tobacco subsector led the increase

Rate hike argument builds as poll shows companies to hire, invest more

Canada’s economy surges on 4.5% GDP growth in Q2

The unemployment rate of 5.7% in December should be enough for the BoC to hike interest rates later in January, CIBC economist predicts

Compared with October 2016, Canada’s gross domestic product was up 3.4% overall

Canadians view banking services as being increasingly unaffordable

After removing the effects of price changes, retail sales in volume terms fell 0.6%

Canada’s economy surges on 4.5% GDP growth in Q2

Canada’s trade deficit was $3.2 billion in September, essentially unchanged from the previous month

  • By: Craig Wong
  • November 3, 2017 November 3, 2017
  • 08:45

World trade growth has reached a six-year high