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Slowing growth beyond 2018 and the uncertainty around the outlook means that there is an increased risk of low growth

Uncertainty over trade policy and political risks have have abated somewhat

Growth in advanced economies will be stable, while emerging market growth will accelerate

The IIAC’s Ian Russell recaps a recent IOSCO stakeholders meeting in his latest letter to the industry

The federal government could devote between $23 billion and $39 billion to either new spending, or tax relief, and still meet its debt targets for 2017

Canada’s pickup in growth reflects reduced drag from lower oil and gas prices with assistance from government spending and central bank policies

The federal government is honing in on a date for its fall economic update

Canada’s economy surges on 4.5% GDP growth in Q2

The world economy and is on course to record its fastest expansion since 2010

Growth will slow to 2% in 2018

NAFTA renegotiation may benefit Canadian economy

Benjamin Tal, deputy chief economist at CIBC World Markets Inc., explains why the Canadian economy overall may benefit from redrafting the North American Free Trade Agreement.