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Advisors who ignore this emerging pool of wealth do so at their own peril

The first three topics a divorcing couple needs to discuss

Nathalie Boutet explains what should be the priorities of a couple that has decided to dissolve a marriage

The valuation of a financial advisor's book of business for a divorce settlement must be based on a proven methodology that brings appropriate perspective and rationality to the discussion

Deciphering divorce clues

Eva Sachs discusses telltale signs that a couple may be considering divorce, and how advisors can persuade clients to share this information

  • By: Eva Sachs
  • November 16, 2017 August 17, 2019
  • 17:00
Constructive divorce planning options for clients

Eva Sachs outlines options that advisors can share with clients navigating separation or divorce

  • By: Eva Sachs
  • November 8, 2017 August 17, 2019
  • 16:00

Marriage and cohabitation agreements can protect each partner’s financial situation should the relationship break down

  • By: IE Staff
  • April 5, 2017 June 18, 2019
  • 10:15

You can assist in adjusting their plans and offer perspective

Meet with both spouses first, and remain objective

The best way to help clients who are going through this difficult process is to provide calm, logical advice. You can help your clients organize their paperwork in preparation for seeing a divorce lawyer

When older clients decide to untie the knot, you can provide impartial, money-saving advice

  • By: Leah Golob
  • October 27, 2015 August 17, 2019
  • 09:40