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The U.K.-based company is a digital distributor of insurance and financial services

Many clients rely on the Canada Pension Plan to form at least part of their guaranteed retirement income. But deciding when to take the benefit, as well as several other issues, can be vexing. An expert provides some of the answers

CPPIB using its shareholder votes to push for more women on corporate boards, CEO says

No unanimity in global regulatory reform, IFIC report finds

The upcoming enhancement to CPP is expected to help increase Canada’s overall score in the coming years

A deal reached last year between the federal government and the provinces will raise contributions as of 2019

Risk mounts for Canada housing: Fitch

A new report expresses concern that real return estimates may be unrealistic, and making younger workers pay higher contributions should thus be avoided

“Modest” return reflects the largest quarterly decline in North American fixed-income markets since the fund manager was created

Clients who put off receiving CPP and OAS payments can reduce their longevity risk. These clients will need other sources of income to bridge the gap until they begin collecting those benefits

The full effects of the federal Liberals' proposed expansion of the Canada Pension Plan will not be felt for years to come. Both benefits and premiums will increase over time, but additional contributions will be tax-deductible

Survey suggests Canadians misunderstand proposed CPP reforms