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Front view of the Parliament building in Ottawa, late winter, early spring

It’s unclear how much help is needed

Senate of Parliament Building, Ottawa, Canada

Report calls on government to improve Canada’s international competitiveness within three years

Raise and fall of business indicators green and red arrows

Canada should remove interprovincial trade barriers to drive economic growth

The Buildings and Skyline of Ottawa

The federal government should consider whether to adopt incremental changes or to embrace more radical options

hand grabbing money bag

It’s important to be aware that the new rule limiting access to the small business deduction for CCPCs in 2019 is based on 2018 income

Maintaining Profits economic growth chart businessmen illustration

Ottawa has come under pressure to respond to a U.S. tax overhaul that’s expected to lure business investments south of the border

Ottawa’s decision to lower the small business tax rate in 2018, 2019 also means that the dividend tax rate will be rising; clients have a limited opportunity to pay out dividends at lower rates

The proposed change to the taxation of passive investment income arising from active business income retained inside a corporation is most concerning

CFA Society Toronto names chairwoman

With the release of the federal government’s proposed tax changes affecting private corporations, business-owner clients will need to take steps to mitigate the potential impact

Feds launch consultation on tax proposals

Finance Canada releases paper that addresses the use of tax planning with private corporations