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deal making

High interest rates, heightened macro uncertainty weigh on deal flow

Oil barrels

Red Sea conflict not expected to cause oil price spike amid strong supply, softer demand

Canada, provinces, map, red

Commodity producers to hold up better than interest-sensitive regions

Trader at computer screen

Measures aim to address lessons of market turmoil in early 2020 and 2022

Wall street sign in New York with American flags and New York Stock Exchange background.

U.S. banks are set to report brighter investment banking and trading revenue, a report says

European Union headquarters

Regulator's research finds retail costs declining overall

inflation at the grocery store

Food inflation in retreat, energy price pressures negative

Businessman calculating and checking articles of agreemen

Swing to surplus in goods trade curbs deficit, led by higher oil prices

Advisor tracking stocks

Securities sector leads gains for financials

Aerial drone view of petrol industrial zone or oil refinery in Yaroslavl, Russia during sunset time.

Weaker energy prices drive input costs lower, according to StatsCan