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Extreme volatility can “weaken market integrity and reduce investor confidence,” IOSCO says

Transition to shorter T+2 settlement now underway

The move is being made in anticipation of “the potential for increased volatility” resulting from Donald Trump’s election victory

WisdomTree introduces three equity ETFs

Circuit breakers are based on the extent of leverage used in the fund

Revised guidance aims to help reduce short-term, unexplained price volatility

Protection growing to include “actively-traded” securities

All “actively traded” securities will be covered when new guidance takes effect in February 2015

List of single-stock circuit breakers would include all securities that are considered “actively traded”

Details of their proposals will be set out in rule filings and amendments subject to SEC approval

IIROC will continue to harmonize with the new U.S. market-wide safety valves

Proposed changes would mesh with U.S. reforms