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Hong Kong skyline from harbour in daylight

The firm said chairman Hui Ka Yan was subjected to ``mandatory measures in accordance with the law due to suspicion of illegal crimes"

China currency

Upbeat tone contrasts with fears that China’s economic concerns could dent global and regional growth

A global network of investment points

Weakness in China dragged down overall GDP

Weakness in China, tighter financial conditions weighing on outlook

Graphic of Europe

Central bankers must remain vigilant amid resilient output and inflation

China currency

Targeted stimulus and consumer spending seen as keys to jump-starting economy

China flag

Traditional economic drivers have peaked, and headwinds are building, Moody's says

arrow direction pointing up

Emerging markets begin to cut rates as developed markets stuck in hike mode

China flag

The giant Chinese real estate developer rejected news reports about bankruptcy

financial risk

Despite headline declines, core inflation proving resilient