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Stick figures

Recent labour activity to work against falling inflation, TD report says

Points on a graph

With central banks expected to start cutting rates, outlook should turn rosy next year

a man on a precipice

Rate cuts to start materializing by mid-year

Global growth

Across advanced economies, lending demand slowed sharply

Oil barrels

Ratings agency says geopolitical conflict that drives oil prices higher would weigh on world GDP

Hands adjusting risk

Factors that drove higher interest coverage appear to be in reverse

Eurotower in Frankfurt am Main before sundown

The central bank's pause on interest rate increases is the first in more than a year

Oil well with the pump jack in action. Alberta

Prices for inputs and manufactured products rose in September, StatsCan says

Crypto currency

Policymakers move from digital currency design to preparation


Tight financial conditions, high economic uncertainty remain key vulnerabilities