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Queen's park, Ontario

Provincial finances are set to improve dramatically as strong growth drives revenues

British Columbia provincial parliament building, Victoria, BC

The budget forecasts economic growth of 4.4% this year after declining by 5.3% in 2020

The province's 2021 budget expressly deferred discussion of a sales tax, drawing mixed reactions

Parliament buildings on a sunny day

The throne speech also promised a revamp of the EI system

The Center Block and the Peace Tower in Parliament Hill

Finance critic Pierre Poilievre said the economy was struggling even before the novel coronavirus and rail blockades began

Table: Deficits not the only story in 2019-2020

While Ontario and Alberta grapple with big deficits, Quebec and B.C. boast surpluses

But their progress may be threatened by U.S. economic and tax policies

The centrepiece of the plan is a $465-million-a-year pharmacare program for children and youth

Ontario budget pledges financial sector reform

Government plans to study universal “best interest” duty

The budget increases the basic personal exemption by up to $3,000 for taxable income up to $75,000