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House of Commons in Ottawa

Here’s the status of tax proposals that matter to your clients

Queen's park, Ontario

Budget items include an expanded Guaranteed Annual Income System and a promise to review tax system

Quebec flag billowing in the breeze

The province is also increasing the maximum age for applying for a retirement pension to 72 from 70

Finance and Treasury Board Minister Ernie Steeves tabled today the 2023-24 budget

The finance minister noted the province has moved from a struggling economy to one dealing with challenges that come with growth

5994395 - front view of the canadian parliament building , with nobody showing

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland this week stressed fiscal restraint so as not to work against efforts to tame inflation

Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The basic personal exemption will rise to $15,000 from $10,145

The Victoria government building beside an aboriginal totem pole.

The provincial budget forecasts years of deficits, but spends big on health, housing, families

The legislature in Alberta

The province's budget contains a plan for legislated balanced budgets

Queen's park, Ontario

Provincial finances are set to improve dramatically as strong growth drives revenues

British Columbia provincial parliament building, Victoria, BC

The budget forecasts economic growth of 4.4% this year after declining by 5.3% in 2020