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Mountain Range in British Columbia`

The proposed fee changes will be used to fund increased enforcement and meet growing regulatory obligations

Vancouver skyline with Stanley Park

The government will share the presale data it collects with the Canada Revenue Agency to monitor taxes

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Amendments will allow IIROC and the MFDA to enforce penalties as court orders

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Warning flags include trade disruptions due to trade wars or disputes over renewal of NAFTA

British Columbia provincial parliament building, Victoria, BC

The changes would create a number of exemptions and shift which areas of the province would be covered by the tax

After approving a controversial capital project, B.C.'s government must face the wrath of environmentalists

British Columbia provincial parliament building, Victoria, BC

New tax measures are part of the government’s aim to improve housing affordability

Rating reflects province’s healthy economy

The B.C. Liberals will need to find new ways to engage alienated voters despite their fiscal restraint - or maybe because of it

The changes aim to increase access to capital for B.C. issuers