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Alert outlines common investor complaints

The unregistered firms are alleged to have sold binary options to Ontario investors

Regulator cites online apps from unregistered firms that make misleading statements

New Brunswick regulator reports increase in suspected fraud

The offshore firm involved in the scam used images of a Canadian celebrity to draw victims in

Regulators are seeing significant losses to investors dealing with unregistered binary option companies

Insurers embrace automated underwriting

Binary options are not problematic, but illegal, offshore firms defrauding investors with binary options trading schemes are, IIAC letter states

The alleged “recovery room” scam targets victims of binary options schemes

New Brunswick regulator reports increase in suspected fraud

The proposal of an explicit ban on binary options doesn’t imply that current offerings of binary options in Canada are legal, the CSA states

The FCAA is warning investors that these types of firms continue to operate and are not registered to do so in the province

Nova Scotia’s provincial regulator is alerting the public that at least two investors in the province have lost money as a result of dealing with Magnum Options