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Female tax inspector looking at corporate financial documents with magnifying glass

From satellite imagery to biometrics, alternative managers are investing in new information sources

foreign country with stock market data

WSH provides information such as earnings dates, dividend dates and options expiration dates

investing with a smart phone

Consultation considers impact of tech giants on competition, consumers

Financial stock exchange market display screen board on the street

The firm will continue to collect the same data, and funds won't be affected

foreign country with stock market data

Research sees growing demand for edge in data and analytics

fintech and blockchain icons on financial technology background

A report from the group calls for enhanced oversight of industry algorithms and technology

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Fintech, big tech and crypto may diminish traditional bank role

IOSCO sets guidance on overseeing AI use for investment firms, asset managers

Hi-tech technological background with numbers and calculations

The U.S. regulator released APIs for annual and quarterly filings

cybersecurity of network of connected devices and personal data security, concept on virtual interface with consultant in background

Regulation to force data sharing could benefit banks and fintechs