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Intense winter storm brewing over ocean

IOSCO calls on issuers and auditors to stay on top of headwinds' effects

Calculator pen, balance sheet and statistics for sales and taxes

Deloitte's Chinese division had clients do some of their own audit work

Judge's gavel with magnifying glass on black.

Inquiry follows exam cheating scandal, other auditor misconduct

business man using magnifying glass to inspect documents

Global regulators' approval of ISSB standards will include assurance considerations

Close up of businesswoman using calculator while going through financial bills.

The amendments give regulators access to audit work performed by foreign firms

  • By: IE Staff
  • January 13, 2022 January 13, 2022
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Female tax inspector looking at corporate financial documents with magnifying glass

Greater transparency could help investors and improve audit quality

rules and regulations

Two commissioners have criticized the weaker standards, claiming they reduce transparency

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Report recommends reforms to the process for crafting audit standards

tax inspector investigating financial documents through magnifying glass, forensic accounting or financial forensics, inspecting offshore company financial papers, documents and reports.

Agency to focus on urgent, high-dollar and strategically important audits  

business man using magnifying glass to inspect documents

A global survey finds that inspection findings are elevated, but declining