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Hong Kong skyline from harbour in daylight

The assets of Hong Kong-based Clearwater Capital Partners will be added to Fiera’ private alternative investments division

Co-operation agreement fosters cross-border oversight of alternative fund managers

A large portion of the firms’ fee revenue is locked in and leverage remains modest

Alternative investments may hold answers when clients seek both returns and stability

Look “under the hood” of alternatives

Investors shifting away from hedge funds to other alternative investments

Investment and mutual fund dealers would have the ability to pitch alternative investments to the average investor the same way they sell mutual funds

The goal is to widen access for investors by improving liquidity

These funds hold non-traditional investments or use complex investment and trading strategies, which represent added risks to investors

Although the industry is in favour of expanding investors' access to alternative investments, investor advocates are opposed

Potential implications of the CSA’s alternative funds proposal

Dan Richards, CEO, Client Insights and Lynn McGrade, partner at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, discuss how advisors and investors may benefit from the Canadian Securities Administrators’ proposal to make alternative funds available to retail investors.