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Mining resources

Surging crude energy prices drive higher raw material costs

Heavy weight

Mortgage borrowing accelerates, while other sources of debt growth slow

money flow

Foreign investors dump Canadian government debt

jobless puzzle pieces

Payrolls, weekly earnings, labour demand rose in January, StatsCan reports

outline of people

Curbing temporary workers to ease pressure on housing will hurt growth

Closed sign in a shop showroom with reflections

First decline since 2017 bodes ill for employment prospects, NBF says

Heavy weight

Credit card balances rise as mortgage growth slows

outline of people

For the first time, millennials outnumber baby boomers, thanks to robust immigration

home building

Desjardins and CIBC examine both near- and long-term challenges

Direction of stock market.opportunity time.buy and sell.change for chance.positive thinking

Growth in average weekly earnings rose in the month