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China has announced plans to increase the limit on foreign control of financial firms to 51%

Association ask SEC to give compliance date extension

U.S. drill shows need for partnership between industry and government in protecting against attack

The former head of global policy and strategy at Barclays PLC will be responsible for the organization’s day-to-day management

Most economists expect the U.S. Federal Open Market Committee to raise interest rates at this week’s Fed meeting

Long-term securities issuance totalled US$1.9 trillion

The existing regulatory system already addresses many of the FSB’s concerns about systemic risks posed by asset managers, says SIFMA AMG

U.S. regulators aim to create a more level playing filed and enhance safety

The CSA is not going ahead with a similar planned pilot in Canada because of the risk inter-listed trading would migrate to the U.S.

Electronic trading platforms are targeting larger sized trades and providing various methods to protect anonymity