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Choppy data may prompt caution from the Bank of Canada

Business chart with rising arrow and falling arrow

Scotiabank's quarterly GDP forecasting model edged lower for the third quarter

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The possibility to rebound and innovate will emerge over the next couple of years, Scotiabank says

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Disruptions prove more significant than expected, as demand remains robust

change direction

Since the pandemic began, this is the first such move for a major central bank in Asia

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Housing market worries are a sign that stimulus needs reining in, report says

stock market gains

Scotia Economics has raised its GDP forecasts for the U.S. and Canada, seeing upside risks

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As soon as next week, the central bank could start signalling a shift, according to Scotia Economics

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Sales down in December, but not as sharply as feared, a Scotia report said

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Robust consumer spending may drive inflation and a rate hike sometime in 2022