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Q3 results from Scotiabank, BMO beat analyst expectations

But a new report from Moody’s notes that the credit-rating agency’s baseline credit assessments for Canadian banks remain among the highest in the world

Feds to consider expanded services from banks, fintechs

Banks will face downside risks from relatively high corporate and household indebtedness as monetary policy in developed markets gradually tightens over the next few years

The adoption of the IFRS 9 accounting rules will mean that banks’ reserves will rise by almost 30%

SEC names co-directors of enforcement

Q2 results for the big U.S. banks revealed positive trends in both earnings and loan growth

The banking sector’s fundamentals also continue to improve as troubled loans “have bottomed out in most regions” and profitability is up

The rise in overall cash holdings to US$1.84 trillion in 2016 comes despite an overall decline in revenue and cash flow from operations

Rise of robo-advisors in mortgage business could have an impact

These new services could simplify how prospective borrowers access traditional lenders

RBC GAM moves SRI funds to Vision Funds

Report suggests sector is on track to top last year’s record

North American issuers made up majority of defaults so far this year

The rate, which was at 4.6% in November, is expected to continue declining to 3.2% next November, well below the historical average of 4.2%