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TD, CIBC, BMO and other skyscrapers in Toronto in spring

The regulator's initiative will push banks to address rising ESG risks, says a new report

a man on a precipice

Sector outlooks improve, but uncertainty remains high

Hospital workers

Low-income households would hurt most in the event of further lockdowns, says rating agency

Mountain Range in British Columbia`

The amount of debt held by sectors facing high climate-related risk is up 49% from 2018

Canada, provinces, map, red

Outlook for provincial finances negative due to Covid-19 spending, oil prices

TD, CIBC, BMO and other skyscrapers in Toronto in spring

Moody's outlook for Canadian banks in 2021 is stable due to strong fundamentals

Wall street sign in New York with American flags and New York Stock Exchange background.

Investment banks weathered 2020 better than most

a man on a precipice

The threat of a financial crisis remains low, but risk and uncertainty abounds

businessman searching with binoculars

Credit outlook stable as revenues, profits expected to recover

world map, emerging markets and international global businesses

Asset quality, profit growth prospects weigh on banks in 2021