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Businessman remove one piece from jenga tower Risk management concept metaphor

New report looks at the country's economic risks

42250157 - business investment opportunities on a global scale

The world's two biggest economies have slapped tariffs on $350 billion worth of each other's products

42250157 - business investment opportunities on a global scale

Meanwhile, Deloitte predicted "weak" 1.3% growth for Canada this year

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For Canada, the IMF's estimate for growth in 2019 was 1.9%, down from an October forecast for 2% growth

The Buildings and Skyline of Ottawa

The federal government should consider whether to adopt incremental changes or to embrace more radical options

The online course will be made available to financial regulators worldwide later this year

Canada named along with Australia, Brazil, China and Korea as countries where the debt-service ratio has risen to high levels

RBC predicts healthier growth for Canada this year

However the IMF trimmed its projection for 2017 to 1.9% growth compared with an earlier forecast of 2%

Further measures to mitigate speculative and investment activity should be considered

Distributed ledger technology can lower costs also shorten the time required to settle securities transactions