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United States Capitol, Washington DC

U.S. taxpayers will have until May 17 to file and pay taxes owing

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Guidance helps people who cannot leave the U.S. because of pandemic-related travel disruptions

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Extension provides flexibility for filing other U.S. tax information forms

foreign account tax compliance act

Canadian financial firms must now provide complete tax data on their U.S. clients as the IRS tightens reporting rules

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If cross-border clients meet the strict requirements and comply, they'll pay no U.S. tax

tax inspector investigating financial documents through magnifying glass, forensic accounting or financial forensics, inspecting offshore company financial papers, documents and reports.

Records shared as part of an effort to prevent offshore tax evasion

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International group of tax authorities says "high end" financial firms are enabling tax evasion and other crimes

Withholding regime now set to begin in 2014

It has been a difficult and challenging time for investors. And to make matters worse, they are now confronted with different and conflicting views on the market’s and the economy’s direction.