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Fiscal, monetary policy tends to ease, uncertainty rises in election years

Judge gavel, scales of justice and law books in court

FCA alleged analyst traded on information about pending merger deals


Trio traded on inside information about pending mergers and acquisitions


The company's underwriters were dropped from the proposed class action

Man on dollar cloud

High valuations curb return potential despite strong economic growth


Banker tipped pal with inside info on potential M&A deals

Modern urban skyscrapers in downtown Chicago from below to the blue summer sky. Sun reflecting in the glass facades of the urban futuristic buildings. Chicago, Illinois, USA

Weak deal activity, syndicated lending drive drop in bankers' fees

Global growth

Through three quarters, equity issuance is up 8% and debt rose 2%, Refinitiv reports


SEC, SDNY file securities fraud and conspiracy charges

foreign country with stock market data

Issuance weakest since 1995 as IPOs, structured products and preferred issues were all scarce