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CMAIO operations have been paused and staff laid off

Queen's Park, Ontario legislature, exterior

The Ontario government, elected last June, has a policy of deregulation in general, but also is willing to interfere with policy-making directly

Supreme Court of Canada building in Ottawa

Many hurdles remain for the CMRA before it becomes a reality

Supreme Court of Canada building in Ottawa

With the constitutional challenge resolved, there’s still lots to be done in creating a national regulator

Supreme Court of Canada building in Ottawa

A divided industry awaits SCC ruling on national regulator

A paper from the C.D. Howe Institute states the proposed national securities regulator could be a step backward

The Capital Markets Regulatory Authority will lack the ability to unilaterally impose its regulatory authority across the country

Court rules that proposed mechanism for amending securities laws “fetters the parliamentary sovereignty of the participating provinces

The chief regulator of the proposed CMRA believes Alberta, Quebec and other provinces will consider joining the initiative once it proves successful

Fundamental tension persits