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The funding is still under review as the agency determines its resource requirements

The CRA wants to see account records associated with Bank Hapoalim to determine whether Canadians are hiding income or assets.

Ottawa urged to step up fight against tax cheats

The leak of some 13.4 million records includes the names of more than 3,000 Canadian individuals and entities

After Canada's auditor general calls for a more efficient process for tax objections, and following the CRA's survey of accountants and businesses, the agency insists it will get better

Taxpayers who come clean about taxes they have evaded can have penalties reduced under the voluntary disclosure program. The government wants to make the program less generous

Weak but mostly positive performance for Canadian funds in August: Morningstar

The Canada Revenue Agency recently decided to defer application of the “advantage rules” by one year

Court rules in favour of labour-sponsored venture fund against fund manager

Investors’ funds diverted for personal use

CSA targets arrangements between dealers and portfolio managers

Better communications, help with returns are among the notable changes

Advisors falling short on providing Canadians tax-planning advice

The federal government has accepted nine recommendations included in a report from last autumn aimed at speeding up the process of resolving objections

The federal tax agency completed more than 21,000 files related to real estate that resulted in more than $329.4 million in unreported assessed income