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Persistent core inflation remains the key risk to rates, economy

Weakness in China, tighter financial conditions weighing on outlook

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In a speech on Thursday, BoC governor said reining in inflation is the best way the central bank can support the economy

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Although there are tools to help, financial advisors still say it’s best to maintain updated information

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Rising labour costs could mean a harder economic hit to curb inflation, Scotia report says

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Canadian investors bought foreign bonds, driving outflows in the month

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BoC research found that hedge funds joined the selling action in bond markets

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Demographics are boosting growth, but the rate outlook remains unchanged

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By January of this year, variable-rate mortgages had fallen to 16.7% of new and renewed mortgages, while 1-5 year fixed-rate mortgages constituted 64%

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Bank says rate hike to 5% was prompted by elevated demand, driven by strong consumer spending