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StatsCan seasonal adjustments show jobs finished strong for 2021

Inflation, growth of food sales, growth of market basket or consumer price index concept. Shopping basket with foods on arrow.

For consumers, inflation has become the most important economic issue

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Scenario analysis finds that delaying policy action raises the economic and financial sector impacts

New mandate could leave rates lower for longer, experts say

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Savings rate drops as consumption growth outpaces income gains

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The bank maintained its guidance that rates aren't expected to rise until sometime between April and September

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Franklin Templeton experts predicted where they see inflation and interest rates going

Ottawa, Canada - June 30, 2021: The many shoes and toys left near the Centennial Flame on Parliament Hill in memory of the children whose remains were found near former Residential Schools.

The governor said the central bank can play a key role in fostering economic reconciliation

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A BoC paper suggests that if the beneficiaries of weak rules outnumber the likely casualties, regulatory failure can arise

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Vulnerabilities linked to household debt appear to be on the rise again as pandemic aid winds down