Grant McIntyre with the Stanley Cup
Grant McIntyre enjoys a moment of glory

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When I began my first day as staff writer for Investment Executive (IE) in July 1998, little did I know it was the beginning of a career that would carry me through to the day I retired.

From that first day, I never stopped learning about the financial services sector and, more important, about the people who work in it.

Over the years, I have seen significant changes: consolidation, financial crises (including the one we’re experiencing now), recoveries and the emergence of new investment products — to name just a few. And over the past two decades, I have seen the concept of a national securities regulator evolve from a controversial proposal struggling to find consensus to a controversial proposal struggling to find consensus.

As the media industry has evolved, we have seen changes at IE. Early in my tenure, we launched, which has become a daily must-read. In 1999, we launched Finance et Investissement, now a mainstay of the Quebec financial services sector. Over the years, I’ve shared office space with publications as diverse as Oral Health, Elle Canada, Canadian Living and The Hockey News — which came with perks! (See photo.)

What any of us remembers most about a job, though, is not the work itself; rather, it’s the people we work with. I have been fortunate to work with great people over the years, some of whom have become lifelong friends. The team I am leaving today is a group of consummate professionals — and dear friends whom I can never thank enough for having made these past few years of change, disruption and toil not only easier, but delightful.

Finally, thank you, readers. Thank you for reading IE. Thank you for telling us when you like what you read, and when you don’t. Thank you for responding when we in the media ask for a comment or an interview. And thank you for making these past 22 years, and the next years, possible.

— Grant McIntyre, Managing Editor,