Toronto-based Manulife Mutual Funds has unveiled seven new funds – Manulife Strategic Balanced Yield Fund (and a class version), Manulife Dividend Income Fund (and a class version), Manulife Canadian Equity Balanced Fund (and a class version) and Manulife Corporate Bond Class. Both Manulife Strategic Balanced Yield Fund and Manulife Dividend Income Fund invest primarily in Canadian equities and fixed-income securities. Manulife Corporate Bond Class aims to generate returns similar to a portfolio consisting mostly of Canadian and U.S. investment-grade and high-yield corporate bonds through the use of forward contracts. Canadian Equity Balanced Fund primarily invests in Canadian equities, fixed-income and money-market securities. For all the new funds, commissions are 0%-5% for front-end sales, 5% for deferred sales or 2% for the low-load option. Redemption fees begin at 6% in Year 1 and end at zero after Year 6 for the regular DSC schedule, or begin at 3% in Year 1 and end at zero after Year 3 of the low-load schedule. Trailing commissions are up to 1% for front-end sales, up to 0.5% for deferred sales or up to 1% for low-load sales. For Canadian Equity Balanced Fund and its class version, management fees are 2% for A-class units and 0.9% for F-class units. For all of the other new funds, management fees are 1.95% for A-class units and 0.95% for F-class units.


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