Toronto-based Mackenzie Financial Corp. has added four ETFs to its product lineup. Mackenzie Global Leadership Impact ETF focuses on companies from around the world that promote gender diversity and women’s leadership. New Hampshire-based PAX Ellevate Management LLC will act as this ETF’s subadvisor. Mackenzie Ivy Global Equity ETF invests in a broad range of equities in developed markets anywhere in the world; in general, however, U.S. securities will make up the largest percentage of assets in the ETF. Mackenzie Canadian Short Term Fixed-Income ETF, which Mackenzie’s fixed-income team manages, focuses on high-quality, fixed-income securities with relatively short terms to maturity; those securities are issued primarily by Canadian governments, government-related entities and corporations. Mackenzie Portfolio Completion ETF is meant to provide investors with diversification, long-term capital appreciation and the potential for income. To meet this objective, this ETF invests primarily in a diversified portfolio of alternative asset classes, including non-traditional equities and fixed-income issuers, currencies and commodities.