Toronto-based Sun Life Global Investments (Canada) Inc. (SLGI) has announced changes to the fees and risk classifications for a host of Sun Life mutual funds. The firm has reduced its management fees and operation expenses for 50 mutual funds by up to 35 basis points. For example, Sun Life BlackRock Canadian Balanced Fund now has a management fee of 1.5% for A-class units (down from 1.55%). Similarly, the management fee for A-class units of Sun Life MFS Global Growth Fund now sits at 1.85% (down from 2%). As well, management fees for F-class units for Sun Life MFS Canadian Equity Growth Fund now are 0.8% (down from 1%), and the administration fee now is 0.15% (down from 0.2%). SLGI also announced changes to the risk classifications of 11 mutual funds. For example, Sun Life Franklin Bissett Canadian Equity Class now has a risk rating of “medium” (up from its previous rating of “low to medium”). Sun Life Schroder Emerging Markets Fund’s risk rating has been reduced to “medium to high” from “high.” The risk-rating changes are the result of SLGI’s annual review of its funds. The investment objectives, strategies and portfolio managers of the funds remain unchanged. For full details regarding changes to Sun Life’s mutual fund lineup, visit