Toronto-based Manulife Investments, a division of Manulife Asset Management Ltd., recently made several changes to its product shelf in an effort to streamline its mutual fund lineup. These changes include updates to its portfolio-management teams, fund mergers and the renaming of several funds. As well, the Canadian small-cap equities team has been merged with the Canadian large-cap growth team to form the Canadian growth equities team. Shauna Sexsmith, senior managing director and senior portfolio manager, will lead the new team. Manulife also announced 20 fund mergers, which will take effect between April and May. For example, Manulife Asia Total Return Bond Fund will merge with Manulife Global Tactical Credit Fund on April 20. Manulife Conservative Income Fund will merge with Manulife Yield Opportunities Fund on May 25. Mutual funds to be renamed include Manulife Money Private Trust being renamed as Manulife Money Market Fund, and Manulife Canadian Dividend Income Fund being renamed as Manulife Fundamental Dividend Fund. All name changes are effective April 6. For a full list of Manulife’s planned changes, visit