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September 2017

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AMF & CCIR to look at how incentives influence insurance advisors

More than 250,000 clients have overpaid on fees

Overwhelming backing for “best interest” standard


Volatility ETNs can be used to help hedge equities

Trading corporate bonds is becoming tougher as banks back away from trading non-government debt. If "sell" sentiment rises rapidly for this type of debt, could…

With new president and CEO Duane Green at the helm, Franklin Templeton is embarking on a period of change, looking to diversify its product offerings…

Referral arrangements announced in August create new ways for advisors to serve clients' and prospects' needs

Advisors could reap significant rewards from helping young Canadians build up their financial knowledge

Although firms have long asked for more streamlined rules, there are some requirements many would like to retain

Building Your Business

Al Jones used to work on a government farm teaching life skills to kids with big problems. Now, he's a financial advisor who advises clients…

Tai chi is an increasingly popular system of gentle exercises that’s credited with a host of health benefits. Barbara Taylor can attest to its power.…

As potential clients turn to Internet searches to find both answers to their questions and service providers of all stripes, keeping your website at the…

With more than one billion users, YouTube LLC’s video-sharing platform offers an enormous reach that can help financial advisors connect with their clients and prospects.…

Help your clients avoid these common misconceptions and missteps that can put their retirement at risk

Focus on Products

Toronto-based Fidelity Investments Canada ULC has shuffled its portfolio-management team. The changes follow the departure of two portfolio managers: Adam Kramer replaces Joanna Bewick and…

Toronto-based Invesco Canada Ltd. has merged two of its funds. Invesco Emerging Markets Debt Fund has been merged with Invesco Global Bond Fund. The latter,…

The sector has attractive valuations, but is facing mounting downward pressure due to moderating incomes and tightening credit conditions

Toronto-based RBC Global Asset Management Inc. (RBCGAM) has reopened Phillips Hager & North Short Term Bond & Mortgage Fund to new investors. The fund was…

Toronto-based Franklin Templeton Investments Corp. has launched a mutual fund that focuses on North American equities. Franklin Bissett Canada Plus Equity Fund can invest up…

Calculation of returns on a dollar-weighted basis could perplex clients

Comment & Insight

A walk in central Toronto that doesn’t include a crane, a half- finished highrise or, worse, a massive pit where another stretch of century-old buildings…

Cost-cutting measures led to an unexpected budget surplus, but also may have led to an exit of doctors, teachers and film industry workers

B.C.'s heavy focus on megaprojects and cost-cutting is likely to come to an end under the new NDP government

A successful summer PR campaign and smart moves on NAFTA are sending the Liberals back to Parliament virtually dent-free

Advisors’ Report Card

As the financial services sector undergoes profound changes, advisors will need support from their firms to meet the increasing challenges and build strong practices

How advisors rated their firms

How advisors feel about their firms' communications efforts has an impact beyond measure

Although there's little movement in the overall numbers, a closer look at advisors' metrics in the four distribution channels included in the Report Card series…

Brokerages are leading the way in encouraging advisors to drop the smallest clients from their books of business

Having a robust product offering from firms is very important to advisors

Two firms have taken very different strategies regarding their technology, but both received high praise from their advisors

Advisors lauded firms that are proactive in informing them about changes in regulations and in training