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October 2013

Building Your Business

Wireless networks enhance productivity by making the Internet available on all of your office's devices however, there's a big risk that confidential data could be…

A key part of fitness includes training to ensure you maintain a sense of equilibrium

Experts suggest that there are three main ways to increase the size of your business, and that they tend to work hand in hand with…

There are ways to determine the cause of a problem with a difficult client and then take steps to improve the relationship. Try revisiting the…

If your client is named executor of a will, one of his or her responsibilities will be to obtain a clearance certificate from the CRA.…

The authors of this tome explore the reasons for investing in markets with burgeoning economic potential in an easy-to-read format with no objective but to…

Helping newlyweds get started on the right footing financially is crucial for their long-term well-being. And if their parents happen to be your clients, a…

Pat O'Connor spends a lot of time listening to what his high net-worth clients have to say before he makes recommendations for them. He charges…

A same-sex couple with twin boys have lofty retirement goals for themselves and education plans for their children. With some planning and the strategic use…

Borrowing to invest is one of the most controversial financial planning strategies. Is it right for your clients?

The leading edge of the baby-boomer generation is starting to retire, and that includes many financial advisors. While most senior advisors are in their mid-…

Most advisors recognize their clients' lack of communication with family members as a problem. Here are some ways to address this gap

Focus on Products

Toronto-based Invesco PowerShares Capital Management LLC has reduced the management fee on PowerShares Senior Loan (CAD Hedged) Index ETF to 0.8%, a drop of 0.1%.…

Montreal-based Standard Life Mutual Funds Ltd. (SLMF) will terminate Standard Life U.S. Mid Cap Fund, Standard Life Global Equity Focus Fund and Standard Life India…

Montreal-based O’Leary Funds Management LP has launched O’Leary Floating Rate Income Fund, which seeks to provide income by investing in a diversified portfolio made up…

Toronto-based CIBC Asset Management Inc. has changed portfolio managers within its emerging-markets lineup. The changes include the addition of RS Investment Management Co. LLC of…

Investment risk should correspond with earned income volatility

These markets will become more prominent in global investing

With mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) crossing into each other’s territory, Toronto-based AGF Investments Inc. has introduced a sector-allocation mutual fund that uses ETFs…

Investing in floating-rate loans may be a good strategy

Fixed-income fund managers look to corporate bonds


Canada’s investment dealers have been passing on the cost of France’s financial transaction tax (FTT) to their clients on transactions the firms process involving French…

More than half of the companies in the survey reported a profit, with the majority increasing vs the previous year

As complaints and snafus increase, privacy watchdogs are ramping up efforts to protect information. Find out what's new

While FSCO begins a product suitability review, advisors worry the result will be another layer of regulation

While there are lots of meetings and new proposals, old divisions still dominate the standoff on the topic

When Diane Dupuis first entered the insurance business as a financial advisor with Sun Life Financial (Canada) Inc. 35 years ago, she was the only…

Advisor Jennifer Black is skipping the corporate route and succeeding by developing her own business model

Burned investors win $10-million settlement in Money Concepts class action

The acquisition will enhance IPC's offerings and broaden its advisory base while creating efficiencies in insurance

A class action by advisors against BMO Nesbitt Burns is moving forward - and highlights issues with workplace practices

Joining GCIC was a long-held dream for Myles Zyblock, who has worked on Wall Street and for both banks and independents

A new name, leader and strategy present an "incredible opportunity" to provide a true client-centric approach

The CCIR wants to know what insurance products are planned

Purpose Investments is able to access all distribution channels by offering a choice between ETFs or mutual funds

Front Page

Amid tough times for firms, Richardson GMP buys Macquarie

Exports are best bet to drive growth

SROs need to follow the CSA’s timeline for CRM 2 implementation

Comment & Insight

The wireless debacle, with Verizon doing a U-turn on Canada, is bad for business - and consumers

Fifty years of faithful payment means nothing to the mother corp.

It's crucial that future regulation not be based on Canada's lack of confidence due to a misguided inferiority complex

Irving Shipbuilding Inc. is gearing up for the full rollout of the $25-billion federal shipbuilding contract the firm won in 2011 by laying off workers…

The PQ is stirring cultural controversy, despite its minority position

Improved technology and more efficiency mean North America could eventually become an oil exporter

Investment research

Approximately half of the industries in the market show continued rising momentum the other half are heading in the opposite direction

The unfortunate situation in Detroit has increased the focus on munis, but there's not much to worry about in Canada

An options strategy for clients seeking to profit from BlackBerry's fragile state

Four cities top the growth sweepstakes in 2014

Despite the recent derailment tragedy in Lac-Mégantic, there's still much to be enthusiastic about