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October 2008

Investment research

A darkening economy, lower interest rates and declining income alter expectations

The calculation gives clear evidence of the companies that have done well and those that haven’t

Many Canadian companies need to clean up their acts when it comes to disclosing the risks they face.The Canadian Securities Administrators have issued reports noting…

It affects a portfolio’s return proportionally — and its risk disproportionally — to its weighting

Enterprise risk management is an integrated approach to managing risk that helps make a firm a more attractive investment

Despite the lagging economy, there are good reasons why you can’t go wrong by investing in U.S. railway companies

The U.S.-based investment bank is aiming to hit it big by targeting the small- and mid-cap companies its competitors are avoiding

Focus on Products

Golden Opportunities Fund and GrowthWorks Canadian Fund may have a rough ride in current volatile climate

Studies show investors’ herd mentality leads to weak returns

Canadian bond markets have recovered in the past year, thanks to central banks responding to the credit crunch and actions such as the Federal Reserve…

Mutual Discovery Fund co-manager Anne Gudefin remains concerned about the impact of past corporate excesses

IIROC’s suggestions do not come close to addressing the issues

The tumultuous events of the past few weeks have clients thinking about liquidity and safe parking spots for cash

Two new ETFs from Claymore

People want security because the market is so volatile, says AXA CEO Jean-Francois Blais

Comment & Insight

What am I offered for a man’s oxford shoe? Size nine-and-half, triple E and bronzed in the style of a baby bootie? It was a…

The federal government lavishes oil revenue on Nova Scotia

There are traditionally two big draws luring expatriate Winnipeggers home: reasonable real estate values and a cost of living that affords the chance for one…

Editor's letter

Shaken by gyrating markets and huge writedowns, investors need assurances about the future

Soaring fares are depressing ferry traffic and becoming a political test for Premier Campbell

As the election nears, tall tales are proliferating

Special Feature

In some cases, it will be only a one-year blip; in others, it could have a more profound effect on bonuses

The new rule forces firms to attach an “all in” number to their executives’ pay packages

Support for a “say on pay” is high among shareholders

It will take time to discern whether the lessons from the credit crunch end up altering executive compensation schemes

Building Your Business

IPC’s Jamie Williams built his small-town business on relationships

Area of psychology that encourages focus on the positive could be useful for client interviews

Henry knew that having a clear idea of the type of clients he was looking for, both in terms of their wealth and their outlook…

Successful financial advisors emphasize people skills, not product offerings, says Jamie Williams, an advisor with Investment Planning Counsel in Kentville, N.S. “It’s ultimately about connecting…

Penalties can be stiff for those who fail to sort out who they may call — and who is off limits

Not all medical leaves work out successfully. Mac Dickson, 58, a registered financial planner with Dickson’s Complete Tax Service in Orillia, Ont., was forced to…

What would happen to your business if you got sick and had to take a year off?

Early detection is crucial when it comes to getting control over a disease that kills more than 4,000 a year in Canada

It pays to take care when it comes to the appraisal of significant matrimonial property, especially when conflict is running high

Single woman in her 50s wants to buy a condo and look forward to an active retirement

Social Web sites have joined the golf game as a marketing tool, but users need to step carefully

Group benefits business provides access to affluent business owners

Here are 10 applications available from iTunes’ App Store that will help any advisor who owns the iconic cellphone

Knowing what you want is not enough; you need a concrete plan to make it happen

Scaling a mountain provides lessons that can be applied to your business


Don Coxe says long-term investors should have exposure to commodities companies that produce the things the world needs

New head of the Caisse de dépôt has been groomed by outgoing CEO Henri-Paul Rousseau

With a new CEO at the helm, Winnipeg-based firm plans to implement new business model while building its presence

The final point-of-sale document has yet to be released, but dealers fear their concerns won’t be addressed

Smaller companies may not have the revenue to survive these times

While many employers are refining investment options, employee awareness is still lacking

Loan-loss provisions escalate and companies expect more of the same in the next two quarters

With insurance companies mostly keeping losses under control, the market for reinsurance is changing

Former Mulvihill employees John Simpson and Paul Meyer buy half the firm, set up own shop

Canada’s beleaguered export sector is putting the brakes on Canada’s economy. Domestic demand — spending by consumers, businesses and governments — remains strong, so only…

Judge finds that company misinformed managers about converting their defined-benefit plans to defined-contribution plans

Its five-year anniversary gives the Montreal-based money manager an opportunity to look ahead

Michele Horne and Garey Aitken understand the money manager’s philosophy and intend to be consistent

And there are some doubts about the U.S.’s rescue plan, partly because the conditions that caused the crisis remain

The new Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Investor Rights will fight shabby treatment of retail investors

What Canada’s major political parties say about important business issues

Firm buys stake in Wellington West in midst of major internal realignment

The MFDA was the unwanted regulator, but it has made a difference

AIG is paying 11.25% interest on its bridge financing; it will want to pay that down as quickly as possible