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November 2011


A new report finds average mortgage debt among retirees has doubled over the past decade — more than for any other age group

Robert Hager, co-founder of Vancouver-based Phillips Hager & North Investment Management Ltd., passed away in early October. Founded by Hager, Art Phillips and Rudy North…

After more than 30 years of practising corporate and securities law in Toronto and New York, Stephen Erlichman has seen and studied much when it…

Major law firms are participating in new pro bono programs to assist litigants at the OSC and the Tax Court of Canada

Personalities don’t always mesh on the job, but financial institutions should take care that issues in a troubled group don’t get out of hand

A new survey finds HNW clients are concerned about slimming their taxes and their financial needs in retirement

In search of the “mass affluent,” CI Investments has launched a new private investment-management program

Toronto-based Goldman Sachs Canada Inc. has launched SIGMA X Canada, an alternative trading system.

With an abundance of good businesses’s shares trading at attractive prices, value managers are adding some significant holdings

Separation of online banking and insurance comes into force next year. Banks disagree, but they are well prepared

Some new online repositories are helping mutual fund companies and financial advisors deal with disclosure

An amalgamation could be the next step toward a national credit union central

While regulators ponder the complexities of new rules, investor advocates focus on a quicker solution

For the second time this year, Canadian capital markets are facing the prospect of a thorough overhaul.

Looking to play the good cop, the Ontario Securities Commission is aiming to boost its enforcement productivity by doing more to entice co-operation and to…

The need to meet loan obligations could lead to some bad decisions

Comment & Insight

Many people who have worked in TV might have trouble picking their worst moments in the medium, but I have many to choose from

The prime minister wants to start the cost-cutting exercise, just when the head of the Treasury Board is sinking in a financial scandal

Long-suffering drivers in Montreal heaved a sigh of relief in September. So did trucking companies and other businesses.

Getting rid of the 75-year-old single desk grain-pricing system will bring permanent change to the Prairies

The digital revolution is changing the Nova Scotia economy in unforeseen ways

James Langton's article on the new investor advisory panel engaged in unfounded criticisms of the investor advisory committee

Investment research

This is an era of dividends. Your clients want them, and companies are providing them. In fact, companies are declaring more dividend payments, more companies…

Overwriting keeps the bulk of a portfolio intact while the client enjoys an enhanced income stream

The market is viewing troubled balance sheets as defaults in all but name; don’t believe the negative hype

You may need to use different inflation rates for future income and expenditures to ensure clients’ savings subsist during their lives

Focus on Products

Toronto-based Connor Clark & Lunn Capital Markets Inc. has completed the merger of Connor Clark & Lunn Global

Consider creating an IPS for your practice

“It is tough, and will be tough going forward,” says one fund manager

Building Your Business

Research In Motion’s share value has been dropping since the launch of its disappointing tablet and the recent massive failure of its marquee product. What’s…

To be successful in today’s environment, it is no longer enough to be good at your craft as a financial advisor. You also have to…

Erika Penner had prided herself on being a generalist for years after she began her financial planning practice in 1998. But by 2006, Penner’s clients…

A couple, both of whom are 50 years old, want to take off the next two years to travel and catch up on their hobbies.…

John McCallum spends many hours as director of business development for Freedom 55 Financial in Vancouver teaching and mentoring those who are beginning their careers…

A client is upset with an error you made, perceived or otherwise. What can you expect?

The risks of not carrying enough E&O insurance can be “astronomical,”

If you have errors and omissions insurance, you have taken a step in the right direction. Take a close look at your policy to make…

When it comes to selling a financial advisory practice, the traditional definition of fair market value does not apply. Intangible assets such as goodwill and…

During times of market volatility and economic uncertainty, it’s more important than ever that you initiate communications with your clients